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In these times where everything is constantly changing and the consumer's way is changing, Blanc is here to provide and support their logistics operations quickly and efficiently.

The online sale (e-commerce) is the present and future of all companies, Blanc Logistics is with you to build this road together.

¿How Blanc Logistics is born?

Blanc was born out of the concern and experience of our CEO, who has 19 years in the logistics market and his desire to share and implement their knowledge in their operations.


We have 19 years of experience in the logistics field, implementing new operations where our experts adapt to your operation.


We seek to make a lasting relationship with our business partners where we seek to help reduce their logistics costs.

Customer Service

Our tracking operators (OS) provide assistance through our WMS, so you have a great operating experience and processes in a timely manner.


To be the best option in the different areas of the logistics industry, based on our extensive experience in the market.


Be the strategic element that generates value in the logistics operation of our partners, through our integral solutions designed to measure.


• Continuous communication in search of solutions.
• Quality in our processes.
• Commitment to our customers.
• Loyalty through our human team.
• Promotion of belonging with our team.

Advice and consultancy

19 years of experience managing and implementing the logistics of the most important group in retail and e-commerce and the company with the most fashion and high fashion clients in Mexico.

Based on our know-how, we build the design, planning, implementation, startup and follow-up of the e-commerce project and / or warehouse and logistics operation.

We analyze your technology platforms and customize them according to your special needs.

The logistics operation is the blood of a business, we analyze its process for improvement and efficiency in delivery times and we help you lower your logistics costs.


We have integrated solutions that ensure the flow of products within our warehouse and guarantee security during the permanence of the products within the logistics chain.

• Inspection.
• Control of inputs and outputs.
• Control of inventories at number level Serial, batch, EAN, SKU, etc.
• Picking & packing.
• Assortment
• Maquila.
• E-commerce.

Storage / Cross dock

We guarantee the crossing of dock within our facilities in time and form to obtain timely deliveries to their destinations.

• Truck and / or container unloading
• Special erection for transfers
• Merchandise repacking
• Palletized
• Prepack draw
• Transport load by destination

Storage / Labeling

Your products require official compliance and / or requirements for marketing, therefore, we have the labeling service in all its forms.

• Adhered and permanent label
• Compliance with Mexican NOMs
• Public sale prices
• Sticker alarm (security labels)
• Prices and / or information of department stores
• Expiry dates

Storage / Maquila

Operational for all types of products, labeled, alarmed, bagged, packs, labels, embedded, detachment of label and new label placement, kit assembly.


• Management and treatment of returns.
• Verification of the quantities of product received VS what comes from its customers and / or returns from its e-commerce sales.
• Unification of your product according to ITEMS.
• Classification of products, first, second and third.


• We provide services to companies that offer e-commerce, ensuring compliance with all processes to ensure the needs of our customers.
• We understand that this market is constantly moving and requires flexibility in the operation, which is why at Blanc we join to comply with orders in a timely manner.
• Control of inventory by piece, EAN, SKU, model.
• Picking by order, piece or mass.

• Order preparation.

• Product cleaning
• Product wrapping.
• Product packaging.
• Preparation of packaging.

• Shipment of packaging by courier service.
• Delivery follow-up and shipment incidents.
• Counterlogistics.
• Conditioning of returns and incorporation into the main or damaged stock.


We managed to combine a distribution team for deliveries throughout Mexico, unifying loads that reduce distribution costs to our customers.

We know that e-commerce is an important challenge in these times, for this reason we take care of making deliveries punctually and always giving visibility in the process.

Extraordinary services

We understand that our clients are focused on various activities of their business, for this reason we offer additional services such as:

• Home labeling
• Household inventories (scanning, stores and / or CEDIS)
• Product alarm
• Product conditioning

Customs Broker

Dispatch of merchandise through the different customs of the country.

• Previous – Physical and documentary review of the merchandise.
• Tariff fraction – Correct classification for the entry of merchandise.
• Compliance with regulations and tariff restrictions – Verification based on official regulations, permits and certificates.
• Tax payment.


Security / Protected warehouse

We have the following security measures:

• Surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• Video surveillance aquipment, monitored 24 hours a day
• Armored warehouse Access doors
• External monitoring


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